Horsemen Of The Knight - Jousting and Trick/Stunt Riding   ...click for more info

DevilStick Peat - Jester   ...click for more info

Out On A Wing - Falconry   ...click for more info

Pentacle Drummers   ...click for more info

Damian Clarke - Dulcimer and Hurdy Gurdy

Simon Waterfield - Storyteller

Two Apothecaries - Medieval Apothecary

Byron Robinson - Forge and Lab

Duke Henry and his dragon Kanth

Theo - Children's Play with Clay

Lisa - Facepainting

Tulip Ceremonies - Celtic Handfasting

Green Dragon Morris Dancing (Sunday only)

Catapult Castles - Medieval Catapult Game

Wildawood Forest School -  A beautiful way to spend time for your children in natures class room


...more to be confirmed

Re-enactment and Living History



The Knights of Skirbeck


Sae-Ulfr Vikingr

Hrafn Vaeringi

Blodorn Englar



Clay Knights


Saemarr - Dark Ages re-enactment supplies, runes and weapon demos   ...click for more info

Bernie the Bolt - fabric

Greenman - greenmen ornaments, soaps

Ania - tarot, corsets, garlands

Roman Onwards - stools, tableware, clothing, armour, belts and shoes

Bewitched - clothing, furniture

Time Warrior - shoes, tankards, miscellaneous

Maddog Designs - crystals

Mr Fossil - fossils

Wood 'n' Clay - wood and clay items

Barn 101 - clothing

Malcom Ruffell - basket maker

Bohemia Beauty - glass, pottery

Mythicarium - artist

Quiverstock - bows, arrows

Leather Pear - leatherware

Bespoke Pewter - pewterware

White Wizard Purple Elf - clothing, jewellery, gifts

Cart Boot - viking runes, clothing, jewellery, candles, armour and more

Bliss - clothing, accessories

Cosmic Circles - original art, hand painted gifts (unicorns, fairies, dragons)

King Of Cups - artisan meads and wines

World Of Darling - a variety of new age spiritual items

C. K. Legacy - children's toys

Magic & Joy - pagan and hippy items

...more to be confirmed

Food & Drink

Dragonjaks - Vegetarian and Vegan food

Merrie Ye Mead - Bottled Mead

Cheese & Pieman - Cheese and Pies

Azahar - Spanish food

Toni's Ices - Ice Cream

...more to be confirmed