Re-enactment and Living History



The Knights of Skirbeck



Hrafn Vaeringi

Blodorn Englar

Clay Knights

Wodens Hearth


Saemarr - Dark Ages re-enactment supplies, runes and weapon demos  ...click for more info

Bernie the Bolt - fabric 

Roman Onwards - stools, tableware, clothing, armour, belts and shoes

Vaughan-Thomas Accessories - viking and medieval accessories, made from bone, leather, textiles, metals  ...click for more info

Bewitched - clothing, furniture

Time Warrior - shoes, tankards, miscellaneous

Maddog Designs - crystals

Ania - clothing, garlands, tarot and more

Mr Fossil - fossils

Wood 'n' Clay - wood and clay items

Malcom Ruffell - basket maker

Jackdaw's Curios - crystal wands, goblets and various new age items 

Nature's Harvest - olives, fudge and other confectionary

Pretender to the Throne - ceramics and medieval textiles

Bohemia Beauty - glass, pottery (to be confirmed)

Mythicarium - artist

Quiverstock - bows, arrows

Leather Pear - leatherware

White Wizard Purple Elf - clothing, jewellery, gifts

Greenman - green men and soaps

Cart Boot - viking runes, clothing, jewellery, candles, armour and more

Bliss - clothing, accessories (to be confirmed)

King Of Cups - artisan meads and wines

World Of Darling - a variety of new age spiritual items

Backintheday - re-enactment furniture

More Mead - mead, chutneys

Druids Of Celtica - handmade anglo-saxon, viking, celtic and romano british jewellery and more

Deerwood Products - metalwork

Wood Energy Crafts - bespoke wooden products, amulets, wands, gandrs and more

Wyrd Creations - bowls, boxes, games, wallets, hipflasks and more

Apollo and Artemis Crafts -  soap, bath bombs and body products

Happy Hedgehog Foods - medieval spice and flavoured vinegar

Greenman Honey and Candles - candlemaking, honey and bee products

Libelle Moon - weaver, spinner, hand dyer, woven items and herbal products

Wodens Hearth - authentic viking jewellery and rune sets

Iduna Crafts -  clothing, cloaks, mittens, hats and more

Sharon Bennett Connolly - author of books on women in medieval history

Robert J Marsters - fantasy author having written the trilogy known as the A, B, C of Karrak

Trade Winds - silver jewellery

Big Beynon's Blacksmithing - historic metalwork   ...click for more info

...more to be confirmed

Food & Drink

Dragonjaks - Vegetarian and Vegan food

Trolls Bottom - Beer Tent

Cheese & Pieman - Cheese and Pies (to be confirmed)

Azahar - Spanish food

Scoff 'n' Nosh - Steakburgers and more (to be confirmed)

Jack's Smoke Shack - Hog Roast, BBQ food and more

Toni's Ices - Ice Cream

 Planet of the Crepes - Crepes

Belistore - Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Cakes and more

...more to be confirmed

Along with the main re-enactment battles in the Main Arena there will be Viking and Medieval combat occurring throughout the day in the various encampments situated around the site.