Davey Dodds

Davey Dodds, described by Fantasy Forest Festival this year as ‘The master
of Celtic rock’n’reel’ is a songwriter of some renown. Top performers
frequently record his songs – the classic ‘Magpie’ appeared on the Unthanks
recent album, Mount the Air, was used for The Detectorists on BBC2 and was
performed at the Proms last year.
Davey has an interesting musical history. Once upon a time, he was the front
man of the quintessentially English prog rock band Red Jasper, who topped
the bill at The European Symphonic Rock Festival, at The Noorderligt in
Holland in 1994. In those far off days, he also played as an acoustic support
act for Fish in Holland. When the Dutch record label, SI Music went bust in
1994, Davey stopped playing music and moved to a different planet. For
many years, he worked as a fly-fishing guide in remote, wilderness locations.
Now that he’s been cajoled back onto the boards, he’s busy writing songs,
grown from the roots and bones of his home in North Cornwall. A new solo
album is almost complete and he’s playing main stage slots at big festivals.
His live shows fizz with energy. Incisive lyrics and startling musicianship will
rattle your braincells and put blisters on your feet. Angel Air records released
his recent solo album ‘Kernowcopia’ and the stunning follow up cd will be
released later this year. Because he writes great songs and performs with
real stage presence, top musicians regularly join him for live shows. Davey is
convinced that playing music is making him younger. By this time next year,
he fully expects to be in his early thirties!

Storm cat song:
This was the opening song of Davey’s stunning comeback gig at The Fleece in Bristol last July.

Kick off your shoes:
The title says it all!

Shoot the Gruffalo:
Alive, at The Fleece in Bristol – Davey was joined by friends from his old band ‘Red Jasper.’

Rocky Road to Dublin:
Davey wielding his splendid octave mandolin with Martin Solomon at the Kindred Spirits Festival
here in Kernow.

The Unthanks - Magpie - Jools Holland
A classic song of Davey’s, covered by The Unthanks on their award winning album ‘Mount the Air’
and used to great effect in the BBC2 series ‘The Detectorists’.